• Selection and promotion: Choosing the best?

    An informed decision on the choice of candidates and promotion.

    Analys supports you in your decision making processes with the selection or with the promotion of all your internal or external candidates. Our expertise and rigorous tools help you select the best candidates and accelerate their integration.

    • How can we help ?

      • Through their strategic advice, the professionals at Analys provide your decision-makers with the knowledge necessary to optimize the allocation of your human resources.
      • With proven evaluation tools and face-to-face meeting, Analys’ professionals analyze the fit between the individual, the job and your organization.
      • Your time is precious so our online testing platform allows you to complete your psychometric tests wherever and whenever you wish for more convenience.
    • Outcomes

      • Reduction in hiring costs by ensuring the choice of the right candidate.
      • Confirmation of the fit between a candidate (internal or external) and a position within your organization.
      • Providing winning conditions for new and current employees.
      • Reducing employee or candidate turnover
      • Maximizing your employees and candidates’ self-efficiency.
  • Leadership and succession: Maximize the impact of development

    Focus on employee and leadership development in alignment with their current and future challenges

    Developing your managers’ leadership skills contributes to the development of a high performance culture, higher employee engagement, leading to a heightened capacity to act and higher organisational performance. We support you and your teams through customized development interventions, with individuals or groups.

    • How can we help?

      • Our evaluation process identifies factors that contribute to the outbreak and acceleration of the potential of a professional or a leader.
      • Our coaching services offer personalized support to develop, maximize and maintain the acquisition of of personal, professional and leadership skills.
      • Our 360° feedback process allows leaders to gain a better understanding of themselves and their impact through anonymous feedback of their leadership skills.
      • Custom workshops and conferences for your management team and for your leaders on topics related to self-management, management and leadership skills, engagement and effective communications.
    • Outcomes

      • Better understanding of motivational factors, impact on team members and organizational effectiveness.
      • Optimization of my potential and my team members.
      • Support for a professional in their first leadership role.
      • Accelerate a leader’s integration into a new team or into a new organization.
      • Talent retention.
  • Teambuilding and team effectiveness: Improve communication and maximize collaboration

    Collaboration and effectiveness

    We offer a wide range of services and tools to enable extensive analysis towards development of effective action plans that improve the dynamics and effectiveness of your teams.

    • How can we help?

      • Analys offers a range of services allowing you to develop a team portrait, define a common language and identify the communication preferences, as well as target opportunities to improve the team’s efficiency.
      • Our leadership team effectiveness surveys provide a reading of the members’perceptions regarding key issues affecting teamwork.
      • Analys supports you through your team conflict resolution.
      • Custom workshops and conferences for your leaders and their teams on self-management, communication, conflict management and leadership.
    • Outcomes

      • Provide a better understanding of others and self to team members and of their impact on others.
      • Promote open and collaborative team work and team efficiency.
      • Establish open and collaborative communications.
      • Reduce tensions and disruptions.
      • Engage employees and reduce turnover.
  • Transformation: Achieving a high performance culture

    Support your organization in its pursuit of performance.

    Analys offers an analysis framework which supports the implementation of your business transformation and change initiatives: desired cultural standards vs. current norms and behaviors, adaptation of your processes, empowerment and engagement, elimination of communication silos, and more.

    • How can we help?

      • Organizational restructuring and strategy workshops with your leadership team.
      • Business transformation coaching: we assist you through the development of your strategies and tactics for successful transformation initiatives.
      • Succession planning of family businesses including the integration of family /organizational dynamics, as well as conflict resolution.
      • Our surveys on employers’ branding, employee engagement, employee organizational effectiveness and team dynamics provide you with a better understanding of your organization and on how to optimize future organizational development interventions.
      • Custom workshops and conferences for your HR team and your leaders: business partnership with HR, change management, strategic alignment, etc.
    • Outcomes

      • Focused and effective interventions.
      • Improving the contribution of all in organizational change.
      • Manage complementarity to better leverage your diversity  (generational gaps, roles, responsibilities, hierarchy levels, etc.)
      • Improved employer branding.
      • Employee commitment/engagement and reduced turnover.
      • Increase the effectiveness of your organizational processes and employee productivity.
  • Innovation and mobilization: From ideation to innovation

    Leverage your collective intelligence to heighten your organization’s capacity to act.

    Analys accompanies you in bringing innovation alive across your organization through practical solutions supporting a sustainable and integrated culture of innovation. Our impact-driven approach will jumpstart your innovative proficiency and deliver tangible business value, while supporting your transformation goals.

    • How can we help?

      • Our innovation tournament expertise allows us to partner with you to develop and implement the right innovation process to mobilize your employees to find the most promising solution to one of your organization’s challenges or growth opportunities.
      • A variety of custom workshops and conferences for your employees and your leaders are available on topics related to the key stages of a successful innovation process.
      • Innovation leadership coaching services help your management develop the leadership abilities to better engage and mobilize employees to maximize your organization’s capabilities for innovation.
    • Outcomes

      • Develop your people’s ability to be more adaptive, entrepreneurial and innovative.
      • Maximize the access to the innovative intelligence of all employees and teams.
      • Culturally energize and involve your organization across all levels.
      • Minimize resistance to change while maximizing engagement and readiness for change.
      • Jumpstart a bottom-up funnel giving a voice to your employees.
      • Identify pockets of creativity and high-potential employees.
      • Generate large numbers of ideas increasing the odds of implementing a successful innovation.

  • Growth and performance: Positioning for success

    Set your organization on the path for growth.

    Analys partners with you to deliver insightful conclusions and impactful results. We help you make the right decisions to reconcile your short-term imperatives and long-term goals, from raw data to implementation, while monitoring the outcomes to keep your journey efficient.

    • How can we help?

      • Corporate and business-unit strategic planning journey.
      • Business and competitive intelligence.
      • Business model evaluation and reinvention.
      • Product, brand, business unit or asset portfolio performance analysis.
      • Growth opportunity identification, assessment and selection, particularly in a context of mergers and acquisitions.
    • Outcomes

      • Implement a clear strategy allowing you to go from where you are to where you want to be.
      • Leverage a more comprehensive perspective on trends, market structures and growth opportunities.
      • Protect, adapt or disrupt your business model’s value-creation process.
      • Proactively manage and calibrate your portfolio of products, business units or assets.
      • Rethink where and how you compete and invest to optimize your competitive advantages.