• Evaluation

    Solidify the identification and promotion of leaders and emerging talents.

    With its unique and scientifically proven framework, the Normal-Pressure model, Analys’ professionals can identify an individual’s motivational factors, skills, preferred patterns, and development opportunities. Following a combination of validated tests, which are accessible through our online portal, and an interview – the employee, manager and HR business partner receive a detailed verbal feedback and evaluation report.

    • Selection:

      • For leaders and professionals at any level of the organization
      • Confirmation of the candidate’s potential as part of a selection process
      • Understanding of a candidate’s personality profile when evolving within winning conditions and under pressure
      • Increased effectiveness of the hiring process
      • Identification of required conditions to ensure success
      • Evaluation of an employee’s potential in a career progression context
    • Development:

      • For high-potential individuals and managers in a new position
      • Better understanding of a candidate’s key drivers and their impact on behaviors and actions
      • Identification of development opportunities to be considered in a context of career evolution
    • Team building:

      • For project teams or leadership teams at the forming stage or in transformation
      • Build on each other’s strengths and leverage complementarity
      • More effective communication through the adoption of common language
      • Generate healthier and more productive dynamics within the team

    Do you want efficient solutions that you can manage without our assistance?

    Assessment solutions allowing you to master some of our tools towards autonomous internal use.

  • Coaching

    A development process optimizing professional and leadership effectiveness and efficiency

    The coaching process enables individuals to develop their competencies through learning experiences and through reflection based on experiences at work and their interactions with others. By supporting the participant through the achievement of their development plan, Analys’ coaches enable them to maximize the depth and speed of professional growth.

    • Benefits:

      • Custom and realistic development strategies, adapted to the participant’s learning preferences
      • Coaching based on reflection
      • Introspective work supported by pertinent reading material that establish strong mental models, which allow catalyzing awareness, knowledge and mastery of needed competence and skills
      • Action-based learning is supported by tools and surveys which track and measure the outcomes and impacts of the coachee’s behaviors and actions
      • Learning through work experiences
      • Better understanding of the participant’s impact (positive, neutral, negative) on others
      • Development and mastery of behaviors and attitudes that have a direct impact on performance and relationships
      • Access to custom and unique development material
  • 360° Feedback

    Understand the impact of a leader on his/her environment.

    The 360° feedback is used to compare a leader’s self-assessment of their competencies to others’ perceptions and experiences (manager, colleagues, employees and customers). Analys leverages the Normal-Pressure Model to put leadership and managerial skills in context.

    • BENEFITS :

      • Analys generic questionnaire answered by over 2000 respondents
      • User-friendly online platform allowing anonymous and confidential surveys
      • Report available online with feedback from an Analys’ professional if desired
      • Customization option to fit your competency profiles
      • The reports are structured by respondent categories and put the candidates’ behaviors in context, depending on whether they are in their comfort zone or under pressure
      • Increased self-awareness and understanding of my impact on others
      • Opportunity for a participant to open a constructive conversation with his/her team members (sharing results and action plan)

    Do you want efficient solutions that you can manage without our assistance?

    An Analys training session will enable your HR professionals to communicate feedback to participants.

  • Surveys

    For a clear diagnosis and an insightful perspective

    Our surveys provide a reading of the stakeholders’ perception of their key issues and a better understanding of your organization, allowing you to optimize organizational development interventions.

    • Proven themes:

      • Work climate assessment
      • Change readiness
      • Communication effectiveness
      • Employer’s branding
      • Employee engagement
      • Organizational effectiveness
      • Team dynamics analysis
      • Cross-functional dynamics
      • Leadership team surveys
      • Competency model definition
    • Benefits:

      •  Recommendation report delivering targeted improvement and actionable roadmaps
      •  Increased self-awareness and understanding of my impact on others
      • Opportunity to generate a constructive conversation with participants
      • More effective communication through the adoption of a common language
      • Generate healthier and more productive dynamics within the team
      • Easy customization of our questionnaire

    Do you want efficient solutions that you can manage without our assistance?

    From design to data analysis, Analys can equip you to manage your survey internally.

  • Innovation tournaments

    A scalable and engaging framework to make your organization grow at all levels.

    Innovation tournaments  are a practical and reliable operating model to systematically foster change, mobilization and innovative thinking across an organization. Whether you wish to boost a taskforce’s innovative proficiency, involve your entire organization, or even external stakeholders, we can help you design the right experience to fit your needs.

    • Innovation workshop:

      • Plunge your people through the essentials of an innovation project and equip them with tools applicable in their day-to-day jobs
      • Build innovation skills through a stimulating half-day workshop featuring proven reference models and engaging simulations
      • For a taskforce or a group of key employees at any organizational level
    • Innovation day:

      • Immerse participants in a fast-paced, day-long innovation contest
      • Your employees will experience the key phases of an innovation process, while attempting to find the most promising solution to one of your organization’s key challenges or growth opportunity
      • Combining training, team-based workshops and tangible outcomes, the Innovation Day allows your organization to kick-start its innovation drive and mobilize people
      • For a group of volunteers from any level, a team-building experience or an entire business unit
    • Innovation tournament:

      • Engage all levels of your organization in a customized process leveraging your collective intelligence to develop innovations and support your transformation efforts
      • The competition will provide an outcome-driven combination of training, coaching, workshops and cross-functional teamwork experiences, across a variety of roles and responsibilities
      • Your employees will emerge agile, innovative and mobilized

    Do you want efficient solutions that you can manage without our assistance?

    We can equip your innovation and transformation champions to deliver training sessions, provide coaching, facilitate workshops and manage the implementation.

  • Trainings and conferences

    Analys’ expertise within your reach

    At the request of our clients, we remodeled the material used during our assessment debriefs and coaching to make it as effective in group development contexts: breakfast, lunch & learn, workshops, conferences, and more.

    • Themes for professionals and managers:

      • Collaboration and relational intelligence
      • Authentic communications
      • Effective and impactful communication
      • Managing a high-pressure environment
      • Self-management to maximize your impact
      • Relationship management
      • Change management
      • Time management and delegation
      • Management and conflict resolution
      • Political savvy and influence
      • Get the best out of my colleagues and my team members
      • Defining an innovation framework
      • Innovation basics
      • Innovation workshop facilitation
      • Brainstorming and generating ideas
      • Evaluating innovative ideas
    • Themes for leaders:

      • Coaching and employee development
      • From individual contributor to team leader
      • My first management and leadership role
      • Performance evaluation and poor performance management
      • Authentic leadership
      • Engagement and shared vision
      • Leading systematic and adaptive organizational structures
      • Leadership roles and styles to develop an adaptive capacity to act
      • Teamwork and teambuilding
      • Creating adaptive teams for an adaptive capacity to act

      Workshops on many other themes are also available and can be customized based on your specific needs.

    Do you want efficient solutions that you can manage without our assistance?

    Analys can empower your HR professionals or your leaders to deliver some of our training content.

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