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    Renowned for its advanced expertise in the assessment of professional & leadership potential, leadership development and organizational effectiveness, Analys is a division of Crysalia Inc.

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      Help individuals, teams and organizations to improve their efficiency and mazimize their overall performance.

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  • Team

    • Jean-Phaneuf

      Jean Phaneuf

      Founding President of Analys, Jean has teamed up with thousands of leaders throughout his career, in both North America and Europe. His reputation rests primarily on his talent for integration, as well on his exclusive assessment model. All interactions with Jean have their share of challenges, as stimulating as they are edifying. Jean goes straight to the point and rapidly goes to the roots of personalities and behaviours. Connected to his customer’s uniqueness, he succeeds in building rich partnerships which result in greater efficiency and fundamental changes. His knowledge of various cultures also simplifies the setting up of a unique and truly mobilizing momentum.

      Jean completed his doctoral studies in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Montreal; he is a member of l’Ordre des Psychologues du Québec. He is a certified board member and sits on various advisory committees within private firms and with corporate executives.

    • Louise

      Louise Desaulniers

      Over the past several years, Louise has been in charge of coordinating the Analys office. Louise is an integral part of the delivery of our projects due to her customer service expertise and efficiency. Her talent of coordinator is an essential asset for the deployment of interventions in collaboration with our customer-organizations. She establishes action plans and conducts rigorous monitoring for increased efficiency. Louise is also in charge of the administration of the various assessment tools we use in selection and development.

    • Caroline Phaneuf

      Caroline Phaneuf

      Caroline Phaneuf is the strategy and innovation practice leader at Analys. She is passionate about helping people see their challenges through a new perspective and rearranging information in unexpected ways to find tangible solutions.

      Before joining Analys, she cumulated more than 10 years of experience working in national and international organizations. She has helped large and small businesses reinvent their business models for growth, develop new value propositions and gain perspective on their positions in their ecosystem.

      She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in marketing and strategy from McGill University and an MSc in Advanced Marketing Management from Lancaster University, UK.

      She is certified Six Sigma Green Belt by McGill University. She was trained in the Business Model Generation approach by co-creator Dr. Yves Pigneur at Montreal HEC. She is trained in governance and was certified “Administrateur de la relève” by the Université Laval.

    • Julie-Élaine Phaneuf

      Julie-Élaine Phaneuf

      Julie-Élaine has a doctorate in organizational psychology. Her approach is founded on the fondamental belief that all change, personal as well as organizational, starts with self-awareness and a better grasp of interpersonal dynamics. She loves exploring different perspectives and discussing their impact to gain a holistic understanding of an individual in his or her environment.

      With Julie-Élaine, you will reach your full potential through a development process combining confidence, openness to change and tangible solutions. Within organizations, she contributes to setting new dynamics and establishing winning conditions.

      Julie-Élaine is a member of l’Ordre des Psychologues du Québec since December 2016. She received her PhD at Université de Montréal. She specialized in leadership, mobilization and organizational change management. She has published in scientific publications and presented the results of her research at international conferences.

    • Julie Gauvin

      Julie Gauvin

      Julie is a senior consultant at Analys. She has over 20 years of experience as an executive, strategist, mentor and consultant with companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries. Through coaching, training content, and participative workshops, Julie helps individuals, leaders and brands solidify their positioning, manage their brand image, transform their mindset and accelerate their growth.

      Her motivation in life is to help people unleash their full potential and transform their inner vision into purposely actions. In the course of her career, she directed several transformations and provided coaching to over 50 employees and managers.

  • Communications

    • Corporate ad Professional Conferences

      • Building a High Performance Culture: How to approach leadership development presented to Camoplast Solideal in 2014
      • Chief selection: Increasing your chances presented at The International Conference for Police & Law Enforcement Executives in 2014
      • From opposition to cooperation: Accelerating success through Leadership of self and others presented to Réseau Capital in 2013
      • The potential assessment: a tool for personal and professional development presented at the University of Montreal in 2011
      • 9 conditions for successful leadership development presented to the Sorel Chamber of Commerce in 2010, CHUM in 2011 and at SPQTO in 2011
      • Leadership development and high potential: conditions for success and risk management presented at SQPTO in 2009, the ESG -UQAM in 2010 and the Agency for Health and Social Services of the National Capital in 2010
      • Generation Y in the workplace presented at RÉSEAU MARKETING in 2010
      • From Stress Management to building a Healthy Workplace presented to Holcim in 2010
      • Establishing the Conditions of Success to support Leadership Development presented at CPA Conference, Practitioner Workshop in 2009
      • Where and how to find tomorrow’s leaders presented at the Symposium HEC – ORHRI on the identification and development of future leaders in 2007
      • Management of human resources: expertise and know-how conjugated presented at the Association of CLSC and CHSLD of Quebec in 2002
      • The potential evaluation: Test or tool in job search presented to l’Ordre des conseillers en relations industrielles du Quebec in 1999
      • Psychometric evaluation presented to the Ordre des conseillers en relations industrielles du Québec in 1998
      • The future of Occupational Psychology from a practical point of view presented at the Symposium on New Challenges of Professional Practice at the University of Sherbrooke in 1998
    • Scientific presentations and articles

      • Phaneuf, J-E, Phaneuf, J., Côté, M-H, Guertin, C. & Pouliot, G. (2010) La dynamique du comportement en interaction avec l’environnement de travail, un modèle de gestion de la performance individuelle, AIPTLF, 16e Congrès de psychologie du travail et des organisations
      • Boudrias, J-S, Sarrazin, L-P, & Phaneuf, J. (2009) Le jugement clinique en contexte d’évaluation du potentiel et des compétences au travail : Quelle est sa valeur prédictive et peut-il être formalisé ?, Psychologie du travail et des organisations, n° 2, vol. 15, p. 167-184
      • Phaneuf, J., Berwald, M., Boudrias, J-S, & Guertin, C. (2008). Les gestionnaires sous pression : Comment réagissent-ils?, Congrès de l’AIPTLF, 15e Congrès de psychologie du travail et des organisations
      • Boudrias, J-S, Phaneuf, J., Guertin, C. & Forget, A. (2006) Liens entre la personnalité et la performance de cadres supérieurs : Une étude multicritères et multisources, Congrès de l’AIPTLF, 14e Congrès de psychologie du travail et des organisations
      • Boudrias, J.S., Phaneuf, J., Guertin, C., Forget, A., Reid, E. (2005) 360º Competency Assessment: Testing the Added Value of a More Contextualized Approach, CPA Conference, Poster
      • Phaneuf, J., Guertin, C., Boudrias, J-S, Morin, A., Forest, J., Rioux, P. & Madore, I. (2004) Un nouvel outil d’évaluation multi-sources permettant d’apprécier les compétences de façon contextualisée, AIPTLF, 13e Congrès de psychologie du travail et des organisations
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